Trustworthy and secure information networks and society

Head: Angelo Consoli, Silvia Giordano

Ensuring data privacy, trust in algorithms, truth in social media, security and performance in communication networks represent a timely challenge and a definite priority. The research area on Trustworthy and Secure Information Networks and Society identifies such issues and addresses them through theoretical and applied research. Examples of the activities of the research area are the development of privacy-preserving data sharing and processing solutions, security assessments in computer systems, and the detection of misinformation and manipulation on social media.

Specialty sectors:

  • Privacy and trust
  • Computational social science
  • ICT security and cybercrime

Privacy and trust

Heads: Davide Andreoletti, Omran Ayoub

Data privacy and trust in algorithms enable an effective and ethical collaboration between humans and digital technologies. Data owners must have the guarantee that no sensitive information is leaked. Moreover, practitioners must be able to understand why an algorithm makes a certain decision. The privacy and trust research sector focuses on identifying, studying and tackling the privacy- and trust-related problems in ICT. This sector builds on consolidated strategies, such as secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption and differential privacy, to enable an effective yet privacy-preserving sharing and processing of data.

  • Development of privacy-preserving solutions
  • Secure multi- party computation, homomorphic encryption and differential privacy
  • Application of eXplainable AI (XAI) and interpretable Machine Learning (ML)

Computational social science

Head: Silvia Giordano

By relying on data and network science methodologies, the Computational Social Science research sector creates computational solutions for analyzing complex systems and large-scale datasets. This sector leverages know-how from various research fields, ranging from data science and machine learning to network and social sciences. The core objective is to provide socio-technical systems with trust and fairness, as well as efficient and effective communication.

  • Extraction of actionable insights and behavioral patterns
  • Clustering among nodes in a network
  • Classification of entities or activities
  • Forecast of the behavior of users and networks

ICT security and cybercrime

Head: Angelo Consoli

The research sector on ICT Security and Cybercrime focuses on safety and security of systems and networks, including critical infrastructures and IoT; the ICT Security and Cybercrime team also has a discrete experience in the analysis of cyberattacks, in cyber threat intelligence, ethical hacking and social engineering 2.0.


  • Security and safety of systems, networks and infrastructures
  • Analysis of cyberattacks
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Ethical hacking and social engineering 2.0