Cloud and distributed systems

Heads: Amos Brocco, Massimo Coluzzi

The foundations of large-scale applications lie in modularity, scalability, and efficiency. The Cloud and Distributed Systems Research Area focuses on dependable, scalable, and maintainable software architectures for cloud-native and decentralized applications. This research area designs and implements innovative solutions to answer the ever-growing needs of the digital society, by addressing the problem of distributed information and service access. This research area focuses on developing reliable and verifiable cloud and distributed systems, both by integrating and customizing existing solutions, as well as by designing and implementing novel architectures.

Specialty sectors:

  • Cloud-native applications and service
  • Distributed systems
  • Distributed ledger technologies

Cloud-native applications and services

Contact person: Massimo Coluzzi

The research sector in Cloud-native Applications and Services originates from long experience in the design and development of complex web applications that in recent years moved from a monolithic approach to microservice architectures. Cloud-native applications are container-based, orchestrated, and automatically deployed into production in the cloud, to exhibit elastic scalability and high availability, by focusing on technologies for containers (docker), container orchestration (Kubernetes), microservices, event-driven and serverless architectures, infrastructure as a code, as well as public or private cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Google, Openstack).

  • Containers and container orchestration
  • Microservice architectures
  • Cloud and serverless computing
  • Infrastructure as code

Distributed systems

Contact person: Amos Brocco

The research sector in Distributed Systems focuses on dependable, scalable, and maintainable decentralized architectures supporting high-performance computing, data sharing and data querying. This research sector focuses on the design and implementation of innovative distributed information systems that are designed and implemented by addressing information consistency and availability, as well as processing efficiency.

  • Distributed storage and processing
  • Distributed information management
  • NoSQL approaches

Distributed ledger technologies

Contact people: Luca Ambrosini, Giuliano Gremlich

Distributed Ledger Technologies have acquired huge popularity and wide range of exploitations. Born with the goal of supporting cryptocurrencies, Distributed Ledger Technologies have become very popular across a wide range of applications to satisfy requirements of traceability, transparency, security and trust. The research sector in Distributed Ledger Technologies focuses on the design and implementation of blockchain-based information management systems using both public and private blockchain solutions as a way to make data and services reliable and verifiable.

  • Design and configuration of systems on public blockchains
  • Development of systems based on private distributed ledger technologies
  • Development of decentralized applications
  • Development of smart-contract based solutions