Educational and open science technologies

Head: Lorenzo Sommaruga

This research area focuses on the application of ICT to the education domain as well as the application of Open Data to real-world settings, with an emphasis on the support of stakeholders in the use of technologies through know-how transfer. For instance, we help educators adopt educational technologies in their teaching activities, and we train stakeholders from the public sector on Linked Open Data best practices.

Specialty sectors:

  • Educational technologies
  • Open Data

Educational Technologies

Contact Person: Lorenzo Sommaruga

The Educational Technologies sector focuses on the use of ICT in higher and vocational education. ICT is taking a primary role in today’s education, for instance through learning management systems, multimedia interactive content (in particular: video), mobile learning, digital assessment, digital simulations, augmented and virtual reality education. We investigate the latest developments of educational technologies, apply them in the real world, and research on how they can be employed to improve the quality of educational activities.

  • Learning management systems (in particular: Moodle)
  • Extended reality for education
  • Tools for interactive content and interactive video
  • Social media for education
  • Open educational resources
  • Learning analytics

Open Data

Contact Person: Nadia Catenazzi

This research sector focuses on the use of open and linked data technologies to enhance the value of data. Private organizations and public institutions have a massive amount of data that can be of economic and social value to society as a whole. The value of such data can increase considerably if data are integrated and their connections made explicit through linked open data technologies, which provide standard mechanisms to publish and merge data.

  • Semantic web and linked data technologies
  • Data modeling through ontologies
  • Open Data licensing
  • Open data for public administrations