Image AutoPlay

AutoPlay aims at gaining insight into the neurodevelopment of children through the unobtrusive and objective observation of AUTOnomous PLAY, exploiting sensor-equipped toys. This allows the identification of neurodevelopmental disorders (i.e., autism) and social fragilities (i.e., ludic deprivation).



Ophthalmologic medical system for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) treatment.
An eyewear with ultrasonic nebulizers and sensors to collect wireless eye health status will be supported by a mobile application, empowered with A.I., to offer the patient a personalized treatment.

Eco 3D

Image Eco 3D

3D echocardiography provides a new window for heart evaluation, not only for the cardiologist, but also for other medical doctors involved in the management of patients suffering from heart diseases, such as cardiac surgeons.


Image Erasmus

SUPSI-ISIN is active in a lot of Erasmus+ projects since 2004 applying innovative ICT technologies and e-learning methodologies to training in VET and adult education contexts. In particular, it is supporting the distributed multilingual authoring and use of interactive Open Educational Resources on the web.

Fast Collision Detection on Concave Meshes

Image Fast Collision Detection on Concave Meshes

A GPU-accelerated, real-time collision detection system for identifying contact points between high-resolution, concave triangle meshes in the medical industry.


Image GIOCOnDa

The GIOCOnDa project, funded by the Interreg Italy Switzerland 2014-2020 cooperation program, aims to create value by developing information products based on the re-use of public data in open format. The project involves the creation of a federated platform for the publication of Linked Open Data by PAs.

ID Plus

Image ID Plus

Automatic patient management system for healthcare and hospital facilities. The goals of this project are twofold:

1. developing an automatic system for patients identification when a caregiver is in their proximity;
2. automatically collect patients’ physiological data, by means of wearable sensors, and store them directly in the patients’ electronic health records


Image Jamsection

Integrated ecosystem for high-definition live music streaming. It allows for studio grade audio content creation and delivery over a cloud based platform. Dedicated hardware, mobile software and social networks technologies integration make it a complete live music ecosystem with high potential.


Image Monarca

The goal of the project was to develop and validate solutions for multiparametric, long term monitoring of behavioral and physiological information relevant to bipolar disorder.



OMEGA is an open-source software development project, aim of the project is the development of tools for the quantitative, real-time, sub-cellular tracking of HIV-1 viral particles in living human cells.

Omni Profiler

Image Omni Profiler

Solution for gathering data from home automation systems aimed to profile user habits in different contexts. In particular, a residential care home module has been created in order to improve the quality of life, safety, and control of elderly people.


Image Proxy-Care

Patient Care Tracking System

The goal of this project was to develop a novel patient care tracking system able to compute automatically the time spent by the caregivers, differentiated by categories, while they are taking care of the patients.


Image REXS-3D

High-end 3D audio is the new evolution in audio reproduction that requires a high number of speakers. Based on innovative dynamic cross-talk cancellation and binaural processing, the REXS-3D project aims at providing a high-quality, immersive 3D audio experience using only a small amount of speakers.


Image SecureMed

SecureMed is a distributed management system for secure patient identification and medications delivery: the right medication for the right patient at the right time.


Image SPAS

SPAS is a platform to assist the Sleep Physicians in all the steps of their work. Deep Learning algorithms are applied to improve the PSG scoring, tailored to the real physicians’ needs. A Diagnosis Support System mines the data looking for early markers of possible sleep disorders.


Image SuperFlat

Development of a blockchain decentralized application that combines the features of the OTC world and the listed world. On the one hand, it will have the specificity typical of OTC contracts and, on the other, it will have all the usual guarantees that come with regulated contracts.


Image TAP-ID

Trusted Adaptive Portable Digital Identification

System for the management of its own digital identity, unique, adaptive and portable, which can be used to access in a simple (biometrics) and secure (tokenization) way the services offered by any Digital Service Provider in compliance with the GDPR and PSD2 regulations.

The Virtual Antiquarium

Image The Virtual Antiquarium

An educational 3D experience for interactive cultural heritage where users can discover the secrets of the ancient blacksmith of the medieval village of Tremona-Castello.


VR Village

Image VR Village

An immersive, first person, 3D virtual experience within the historically accurate reconstruction of the medieval village of Tremona-Castello.