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Summer School on the Internet of Things
04 September 2017
SUPSI Dipartimento tecnologie innovative
From the 4th to the 15th September 2017, the Institute for Information Systems and Networking will host the third edition of the Summer School on the Internet of Things. The theme of this edition is "Internet of Things and the Smart Home".


While the Internet started as a communication network used to connect computers, it has now turned into a massive infrastructure reaching out to billions of users and their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The Internet continues to evolve, and we are getting closer to the point where every intelligent device can be integrated into the Internet to pave the way to innovative applications in various domains, ranging from eHealth to smart homes and smart cities. This is the new paradigm known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Target audience

While the summer school is designed for second and third year Computer Science Bachelor’s students, all university students of any nationality are welcomed to apply provided they comply with our minimum requirements.


The summer school runs over two forty-two hour weeks. Students who wish to obtain an accreditation certificate must attend the full duration of the program, while others may only attend week 1. Week 1 includes theoretical and hands-on sessions, including the development of a project. Week 2 is devoted to a final project, to be completed by each student and evaluated by a committee of SUPSI faculty members.

The topics that are normally featured at every edition of the summer school are:

  • Communication Technologies (theoretical)
  • Embedded Software (theoretical and hands-on)
  • Mobile Programming (theoretical and hands-on)
  • Middleware Communication (theoretical and hands-on).