MASSI project for corporate sustainability concluded
24 February 2023
MASSI, "Manufacturing Assessment for Sustainability Strategic Insights," is a project funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's "Manufacturing" Community to develop tools to help manufacturing companies from the different stages of their "sustainability journey."

The project, coordinated by CEFRIEL, an affiliate of the Milan Polytechnic, involved multinational manufacturers Sonae and Dana and the participation of the Sustainable Production Systems laboratory of the Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production (ISTePS) as scientific lead.

It led to the creation of a web platform that, through approximately 200 questions, collects data and information regarding environmental, social and economic aspects of individual production facilities and transforms them into standardized and comparable indicators of the sustainability performance of the analyzed site.

This allows companies adopting the tool to continuously track the performance of each plant on its different sustainability aspects and issues.

The data collected are mapped onto a maturity model that can be easily consulted through the digital platform, thus enabling comparisons between units and production lines, identifying priority areas for intervention, and evaluating the effects of investments over time.

«Comparing sustainability performance among different production units allows companies to identify areas for improvement, and to adopt more effective and sustainable practices and technologies. The comparison thus becomes a valuable tool for improving business performance,» explains Marzio Sorlini, Senior Lecturer-Researcher at SPS Lab.

«The platform developed by MASSI makes sustainability knowledge accessible to everyone, from large enterprises to SMEs, enabling them to embark on their own path to sustainability with awareness and transparency,» comments Bruno Puzzolante, MASSI project manager for CEFRIEL.

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