Bachelor in Computer Science

  • Department/School
  • Department of Innovative Technologies
  • Head of course
  • Sandro Pedrazzini
  • Qualification awarded
  • Bachelor of Science SUPSI in Computer Science
  • Course type
  • Full-time course (180 ECTS over three years) 
 Course running in parallel with professional working activity (180 ECTS over four years / blended learning available). Part-time course (180 ECTS over four/five years)
  • Language
  • Courses are in Italian. Some subjects can be offered in English and/or German if a minimum number of participants is reached.
  • Application fee
  • A CHF 200 fee must be paid when the application is made. This fee is not reimbursable, and cannot be deducted from the semester fee.
  • Course fee
  • The semester fee amounts to CHF 1,600. This sum is reduced to CHF 800 for students who benefit from the application of the ASUP Intercantonal Agreement for Vocational Universities (Swiss nationality or civil and fiscal domicile in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein). Specific agreements apply for students residing in Campione d’Italia. Contribution to didactic costs: 150 CHF each semester.
  • Centre
  • Lugano - Viganello
  • Start date
  • 18 September 2023
  • Application deadline
  • 31 May 2023
  • After 30 May 2023, it is possible to apply in accordance with available places and by paying a fee of CHF 300. SUPSI reserves the right to close enrolments if the maximum number of scheduled places available is reached.
  • Description
  • The course focuses on the basic branches of learning in computer science, such as programming, software design, telematics, network systems and architectures.


The course focuses on the basic branches of learning in computer science, such as programming, software design, telematics, network systems and architectures.
Other related subjects, like mathematics, physics and business administration, are also important.


Computer Science graduates have a comprehensive understanding of the design and development methodologies of software systems, based on professional state-of-the-art concepts, on the ability to solve concrete problems and on the capacity to communicate in a professional manner.

Admission requirements

Applicants with the following requirements are admitted without further examination:

  • School leaving examination from a vocational technical high school linked to the chosen Bachelor;
  • Federal high school matura or equivalent qualification. Applicants have the possibility to choose between two access modes: 1) “SPI” mode, integrated study and practice; “APA” mode, pre-formative practice year;
  • ST technician qualification or technician qualification awarded by a high school specializing in a field related to the chosen study path;
  • More than 25 years of age and significant training and working experience in the field of the chosen Bachelor.

Candidates failing to meet the requirements specified above will be evaluated by an internal commission.

Career prospects

The career opportunities available on completion of this course are initially technical in nature, as designer and developer in specific environments (computer or telematics industry) or in related industries (electronics industry, manufacturing industry, machine industry and generally in production systems requiring software systems) and the telecommunications industry.
Moreover, the industrial sector in general and the tertiary sector need information technologies, and therefore computer scientists, to manage their systems. There are also excellent career openings as managers and developers of applications for the service sector (banks, insurance companies, public services, organisations in general). Once experience has been acquired (perhaps also by means of a Master's Degree in a technical or managerial discipline, from SUPSI or from another university), it will be possible to pursue a career in development team and project management, or to specialise in specific application fields.