Local flexible manufacturing of green personalized furniture Close To the Customer in time, space and cost

Project start: 01.06.2013

Project end: 31.05.2016

Funding: European Commission – EU 7th Framework Programme

Further partners: SCM - Italy, Synesis  - Italy, McNally - Ireland, Polimi - Italy, Missler - France, TTS - Italy, Veragouth - Switzerland, InnoWood - Belgium FH-R - Germany

Abstract: The CTC project aims to support European Industry to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing an innovative production system model and the related enabling technologies towards local flexible manufacturing of green personalized furniture products.
The obtained production system is Close to the Customer in terms of (i) features offered, being the customer able to personalize his favourite products in shape, dimensions and finishing (ii) place of fabrication, being products manufactured within the shopping mall, (iii) time to deliver, because CTC products are delivered in less than 5 days (iv) cost, CTC realizes high value added products at low price. The main outcomes of the project can be summarized as follows:
1) Development of a Formalized Design Approach and related software technologies to empower “design to manufacturing in one step”;
2) Development of a standardized mini-factory Production System Model allowing flexible and customizable production;
3) Development of the CTC woodworking machining system;
4) Development of a CTC Green Label.
SUPSI was responsible and main developed of the CTC Production System Model.