MANufacturing through ergonoMic and Safe Anthropocentric aDaptive workplaces for context aware factories in EUROPE

Project start: 01.09.2013

Project end: 31.08.2016

Funding: European Commission – EU 7th Framework Programme

Further partners: Politecnico di Milano - Italy, Alstom Transporte - Spain, Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia - Spain, Synesis - Italy, Whirlpool Europe - Italy, TTS Technology Transfer System - Italy, Tecnológico de Monterrey - Mexico, Framos - Germany

Abstract: The MAN-MADE project aims at defining new socially sustainable workplaces where the human dimension is a key cornerstone. Workers are foreseen at the centre of the factory, on the one hand, in terms of workplace adaptation (and production planning, at large) to skills, expertise and characteristic of each single worker and, on the other hand, in terms of capability to make the most out of worker's knowledge and potentials across all age groups and different roles, simultaneously fostering enhanced worker's safety. Moreover MAN-MADE promotes the vision of an effective integration of this anthropocentric factory within the social environment toward the implementation of context-aware factories that promotes and take advantage of extended services to the workers in terms of accessibility, inclusiveness, efficiency and work satisfaction.