ADvanced Digital technologies and virtual engineering for mini-Factories

Project start: 01.09.2013   

Project end: 31.08.2016

Funding: European Commission – EU 7th Framework Programme

Further partners: Synesis - Italy, Materialise - Belgium, Instituto De Biomecanica De Valencia - Spain, Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche - Italy, Tno - Netherlands, Pruf-und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens - Germany, Ucs - Slovenia, Rsscan International - Belgium, Anybody Technology - Denmark, Officina Ortopedica Michelotti - Italy, Peacocks Medical Group - United Kingdom, Vibram - Italy, New Millenium Sports - Spain, Grey Mer - Italy, Kmwe Precision - Netherlands

Abstract: The project aims at developing an innovative customisedshoe manufacturing framework based on the creation of small-local-agile manufacturing units – mini-factories.Customization of the shoe is addressed considering functional, bio-medical and safety-wellness related aspects (prevent injuries restoring optimal motion); so as to guarantee comfortable, performing, safe and healthy products for different applications (e.g. orthopedic, sport and leisure, fashion) and different consumers. SUPSI developed an integrated framework with the aim of creating intelligent data relationship combing them from all measured sources.