CTC - Close to the Customer
The CTC project (EU NMP FP7 - DEMO 2013-2016) aims to support European Industry to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing methods and innovative enabling technologies towards local flexible manufacturing of green personalized products close to the customer in terms of features offered, place of fabrication, time to deliver, and cost.
CTC - Close to the Customer


The ultimate implementation envisions a “green factory behind a glass pane” directly in the Shopping Mall, where the customer witnesses the manufacturing of its personalized furniture.
CTC vision of local flexible manufacturing of green personalized furniture is to be implemented by the development of 5 pillars:
  1. Development of a Formalized Design Approach and related software technologies for "design to manufacturing in one step";
  2. Development of a standardized mini-factory Production System Model ;
  3. Implementation of the local “Context Aware” Factory (which is the instantiation of the “Production System Model” afore mentioned in the second Pillar);
  4. Development of the CTC woodwork machining system, capable to empower the “Close to the Customer” concept;
  5. Development of the CTC Green Label.
The implementation of the CTC concept is expected to provide several benefits:
  • the reduction of the time to market up to 80% of the average values of a traditional supply chain.
  • the reduction of product development time (up to 1 hour) and costs, which has to be least 50% less than the cost of a traditional design process of a customized product.
  • the reduction of the environmental impact, assessed using formal and standardized procedures.