Enhancing Sustainability by Mass Customization for European Consumer Electronics

Project start: 01.05.2014

Project end: 30.04.2017

Funding: European Commission – EU 7th Framework Programme

Further partners: RWTH Aachen University - Germany, e-hoch-3 eco efficiency experts - Germany, Vestel Electronics - Turkey, Gavia SA - Switzerland, BMBF - Germany, TUBITAK - Turkey, FOEN - Switzerland

Abstract: The SMC-EXCEL project aims to develop and evaluate a system innovation enhancing the ecological sustainability in consumer electronics (CE), focusing on television sets (TV). The project provides guidelines and policy recommendations to enhance the eco-sustainability of TVs by shifting its value chain from the current mass production of products with short technology cycles ("gadgetization") towards a mass customization (MC) of TV sets meeting individual users' demands. Even though MC has been regarded by the EC as one of the main value drivers of a sustainable economy, manufacturers of consumer electronics have not yet followed this business paradigm. The project demonstrates a full system innovation by remodeling the complete value chain of the TV industry towards a sustainable business model driven by MC.