Product Service Design and Manufacturing Intelligence Engineering Platform

Project start: 01.02.2015

Project end: 31.01.2018

Funding: European Commission – HORIZON 2020

Further partners: DASSAULT SYSTEMES - France, FERRARI - Italy, STX - Finland, FUNDACIO PRIVADE CENTRE CIM - Spain, POLITECNICO DI MILANO - Italy, BIBA - Germany, HOLONIX - Italy, VTT - Finland, LINDBAŐąCKS BYGG - Sweden, D’APPOLONIA - Italy, BALANCE - Germany

Abstract: Manutelligence project promotes a holistic approach for the design of product service systems through the development of a design platform integrating a suite of collaborative tools leveraging on semantic technologies to enable cross-domain use of relevant design, lifecycle and manufacturing knowledge. It aims at integrating best in class methodology and tools from research and industry, resulting in a secure, cross- disciplinary collaborative Product/Service Design and Manufacturing Engineering Platform. This platform will enable designers and engineers to access through natural 3D experiences to data from both the traditional enterprise IT systems (CAD, CAX, PLM, MES, etc.) and IoT enabled systems for physical products information and knowledge management. The main results of the Manutelligence project are the different software tools enabling a collaborative PSS design that are: 1. Manutelligence platform for the PSS design, 2. Sustainability assessment tool, 3. Life cycle cost analysis tool, 4. IoT module adapted to the pilot sectors to collect data in the field and seamlessly integrate them into the platform.
SUPSI developed the sustainability assessment tool and was responsible for the pilot implementation in the Fablab context.


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