VFF Holistic
VFF Holistic The project objective is to foster and strengthen the primacy of Future European Manufacturing by defining the next generation Virtual Factory Framework. details »
RIGHT SHOES Right Shoes (CTI 2012-2014) represents the dependable solution on the market that gives a tip regarding the shoe size that a customer is willing to buy, it considers the shoe last, that is the core of each shoe, the “skeleton” on which each model is designed and physically set on, which establishes the inside volume. details »
SOMMACT Self Optimising Measuring Machine Tools
SOMMACT Self Optimising Measuring Machine Tools The objective of SOMMACT (EU NMP FP7 - SMALL 2009 - 2011) is promoting the development and validation of innovative production hardware and control system founded on understanding, evaluating and controlling production system performances of small and single batch production of particularly for large, heavy and complex work pieces. details »