The Automation Robotics and Machines Laboratory
The Laboratory of Automation Robotics and Machines (ARM-Lab) supports the mission of the Institute in the areas of robotic based automated production systems and reconfigurable industrial robotics, systems and industrial technologies for Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, industrial automation and 2D/3D vision systems.

To this purpose, reconfigurable industrial robots, robotic islands and Redundant Machines for AM are designed and developed, their kinematics and dynamics are modeled,  their control infrastructure is implemented together with path and process planning design and simulation, task sequencing and dispatching. Mechatronic equipment, metal and composite material processes are designed for multi-material deposition, and hybrid processes based on deposition and subtraction of material are implemented too. Furthermore, new automation solutions which can integrate 2D/3D vision systems are developed, e.g. to measure features or recognize defects in processes, products and surfaces.