The Limnology lab conducts research and provides services in all areas of Aquatic ecology, including lake and stream ecology. Much of our research has an applied focus and is aimed at understanding the ecological effects of anthropic pressures. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to a better, more-informed stewardship of all kinds of inland aquatic ecosystems. Current activity areas include the following:

Lake and stream monitoring

The Limnology lab carries out a comprehensive research program on Lake Lugano, Switzerland and Italy, on behalf of the regional government (Dipartimento del territorio del Canton Ticino). The program assesses water quality in open-water lake stations and in the main tributaries. The main aim is to detect changes in the key indicators of water quality, including phosphorus, phytoplankton, zooplankton, chlorophyll a, and Secchi disc depth. This program has provided the main foundation for the management and the scientific investigation of the lake’s ecosystem during the last four decades.

Ecological research

The Limnology lab develops ecological research in lake and stream ecology in collaboration with national and international partners. Areas of research include, for example, the ecology of: pelagic ecosystems, global change, habitat restoration, biological invasions, and harmful algae. See our recent projects here.

Method innovation and development

Another key activity area is the development and innovation of methods used in aquatic research and monitoring. Current projects in this area concern (1) the development of eDNA methods to assist bioassessment and inventory biodiversity; and (2) the development of instrumented buoys for remote, real-time monitoring of lakes. See our recent projects here.

Consulting services

The Limnology lab offers a wide range of support services concerning the ecology and management of fresh waters to both government and private clients. The lab can perform analyses of a wide-range of aquatic quality elements including phytoplankton, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, and physico-chemical variables. See the full list of consulting services provided here.

Road map of the activities of the Limnology Sector, downloadable in high definition from the
Road map of the activities of the Limnology Sector, downloadable in high definition from the "further information" section.