The framework DomoML is a mark-up language for the definition of a standard for interoperability of devices in the home

DomoML is a software framework that focuses in intelligent environments such as smart
appliances and building automation. The purpose of the structure is to manage the complex scenario of multiple technological standards and multi-vendor devices. It is a modular open-source, multi-platform that allows third parties to integrate their devices and software applications with minimal effort through simple REST calls.

The idea stems from the research in the field of the Semantic Web, where it was built an ontology for the human interaction with the home environment. This has led to the development of a markup language called DomoML home environment.

This framework has been developed with Java-based REST web services for seamless integration of devices in a flexible way and to enable the monitoring and control of intelligent environments


Each device of the home environment must be described using XML based on the OWL ontology DomoML. The driver specific software can be developed to interface the corresponding detection of the real world and to act with the command for the abstraction of the standard framework DomoML. This is the key step to enable the integration and interoperability between them. Once integrated, heterogeneous any device is represented in the painting as a homogenous resource (res1, res2, RESn). The next step is to control and manage their interconnections providing intelligent behaviours. This task is performed by the framework DomoML rules manager.