Territorial Partner

Servizio Cure a Domicilio del Luganese (SCUDO)

SCUDO promotes elderly care through a service delivered directly to the home. The main mission is to empower elderly capabilities of those requesting individual and collective action in order to make and keep these people more independent as possible. The provision of assistance and care at home promote, maintain and restore the health of bio-psycho-social individual aiming at maximizing recovery and the maintenance of functional Independence.

Città di Lugano

The Department of Social Activities of the City of Lugano, represented by the municipal social institutions, is oriented to the needs of the elderly population not self-sufficient and includes six institutions providing medical care for the elderly.

Società Ticinese per l'assistenza dei Ciechi (STAC)

STAC is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation that works with the “casa per ciecchi" at
Ricordone. Among the activities promotes and collaborates with initiatives aimed at integrating social and professional, as well as the moral support of the blind and visually impaired in the South of Switzerland.

Ticino soccorso 144

This service handles the requests that come to 144 and 1414. They also provide medical
information to the users. 144 also plays the helpline service and TeleAlarm for lonely people, with a dozen health care professionals who take turns the whole day.