Mechatronics Systems Lab

The activities of the Mechatronic Systems Lab are the promotion of understanding and exploration of the advantages in terms of cost and performance of a multi-disciplinary approach. The Home Automation unit is part of the Laboratory automation has dealt with the analysis of the requirements, the drafting of specifications for the development, adaptation and integration into the management system of the various products developed and incorporated into the project.

Laboratory semantics and multimedia systems

Laboratory semantics and multimedia systems is designed to provide resources and expertise in the field of semantic web, XML technologies, applications, and web services, distributed systems, home automation, environmental of intelligence and multimedia systems. The Laboratory is responsible for the development of the framework upon which the home automation system developed in the project.

Centro competenze anziani

The Centre takes care of the training, documentation and research on the reality of the elderly in order to provide a better support to the work of the professionals working in the field and to promote a culture of care that is respectful of the rights, dignity and needs of the elderly person and its neighbours. The Centre has expertise in the psycho-social issues of the project.