Tax issues for US expats: US and Swiss perspective
10 novembre 2020
Webinar, ore 17.15
Il Centro competenze tributarie, in collaborazione con l'Associazione Master of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Tax Law (AMASTL) e l'Associazione SUPSI Alumni, organizza un ciclo di conferenze in cui verranno affrontati alcuni dei temi di più stretta attualità.
Il quindicesimo appuntamento del 2020, sulle questioni fiscali per gli espatriati, avrà luogo il 10 novembre.


Switzerland, and as well as Lugano, has always represented an attractive destination for US expats thanks to the international environment and the presence of several American schools and of multinational companies. Individuals with ties to the U.S. have to analyze carefully the Swiss and U.S. tax impact of their US ‘luggage’ (e.g. real property, RSU, stock options,..) as well as any persistent US tax obligations. The speakers will present the main issues with some practical cases, helping clients and operators to put the pieces of this complicated puzzle together.


  • Tax issues for US expats: US and Swiss perspective
    Galia Antebi, Partner, Ruchelman P.L.L.C., New York
    Marco Calcagno, Fiduciario Commercialista, IFA / STEP Member, Amministratore di GST Partners, Lugano

The conference takes place from dalle 17.15 to 18.30.


No later than Friday November 6, 2020 using online application form.

It's possible to partecipate only via video conference.

  • CHF 30.– for individual members AMASTL, Alumni SUPSI, ACF, SVIT Ticino
    and Fiduciari Suisse members
  • CHF 80.– for supporting members AMASTL
  • CHF 100.– for others


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During the webinar there is the possibility for interact with the speakers.

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