Migrations shape since ever human beings societies: "today more then a billion people rely on international and internal migration to escape poverty and conflict" (Peter Sutherland, UN).
Migration represents an important thematic focus in the setting of Development and Cooperation.
SUPSI is a member of the Consortium for Education and Research on Sustainable Migrations of the network "Swissuniversities Development and Cooperation"
International migration flows are a transversal theme in the UN Agenda 2030. In recent years, emigration and immigration as well as transit, circular and return migration has become specific forms of human mobility in many regions of the world. Additionally, a growing number of people have moved because of conflicts, labour conditions or climate changes. The nexus migration and development offers the opportunity to focus our investigation on diaspora, remittances, regional migration systems and protection and human rights. 
In collaboration with other academic institutions and non-governmental institutions, SUPSI participates in projects concerning migration and urban processes at the local and regional levels. 

SUPSI is active since a decade in the sector of migration with its Centre for Documentation and Migration Research.


Paola Solcà

Senior researcher

Anna Jaquinta